Quality Schmality

I love buying stuff! I love to buy timeless and classic clothes, jewelry, accessories for my home and many other things that make me feel good. 

But how many times have you purchased something mass-produced like a shirt, a piece of furniture or artwork...but it may have lacked the quality you really were hoping for? 

There are definitely things I've learned over the years that I won't compromise on quality, even if it means spending a little more. I rarely have buyers' remorse on these items. Why? Because they are worth it...at least to me!

Most of us have a keen eye for things that are made with higher quality...better materials used and maybe not-so-mass-produced. We may reward ourselves with something that's just a little better -- and justify it by telling ourselves 'I'm worth it!,' or 'I need this,'...or 'i work hard for my money and I deserve this!'

It's ok to reward ourselves with something that makes us feel good! That's why I love to shop (and sell!) on Etsy! I can find some pretty unique and high-quality items that I can't find in a retail store or mass-merchandising website. Not all things need to cost a fortune (or at all), either! One of my favorite possessions cost me nothing becuase I pulled it out of a flea market trash can. Let's be honest though...it was lying on top so I didn't have to dig for it! It was a wooden hinged display box that had seen better days, but I fixed it up and now it sits on my sofa table for all the world to see! And to think it was heading for a dumpster...

Whether your favorite things cost you a lot, or nothing at all, reward yourself with quality...and whenever possible, a handcrafted option. You'll feel great about it!

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